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Galerija KUD Studenec, Domžale, 2002

Searching for style or an inspiration for painting we could hardly overlook one of the largest canvases of Irena Kazazic on which, similar to pop-art artists, a very enlarged container of Nutella chocolate is depicted. It is to this pop-artistic iconography that the cycle of moulding shoes is partially tied. Although the artist uses them primarily as aesthetic signs, and represents them in stylized and partly flat trials, a careful look at the shoes hides an abstract approach. Associative images testify to an erotic subtone. Pop-artistic sources are also casts of everyday articles put into a basket or a cart. They form artistic equipment with which the artist has the intention to animate the whole exhibition ground.

Irena is a master of artistic space with a line, move or surface. She also intrudes into the surface by using a collage technique. The research of coloured legality brought her to an abstraction where she became interested in the automomous language of colours. The brightest colour to her is red, and it became the main element of a large horizontal composition. In the monocromatic surface of the painting we can discover movement of the colour, its coagulation and, sliding over the surface of the canvas, its vibration and load. Balanced rhythm of colored alluvium is interrupted with horizontal lines which guarantee the paint a spatial orientation.

Synthesis of figurative and abstract approach represents lirical, carefully planed bigger composition in which the artist, besides using colored surfaces, images and stingy drawn notes, also included impressions of images (Dreaming about fame, triptih). Scenes, printed in technics of »transfer« which Robert Rauschenberg used, and remind on graphic print, became a constituent part of artistic structure. Harmony between esthetic and declared has been accomplished. This could be construed as a major stimulation of Irena Kazazic's painting.

Introductory text for the exhibition of Irena Kazazić and Matjaž Stražar (Atelje M.I.K.S.), written by Damir Globočnik, M.A.