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MKC Kotlovnica, Galerija Kurilnica, Kamnik, 2007

Since I moved to my old neighbourhood, my art started to change. I stopped with the portraits of shoes (4 a while), and started with more spontaneously oriented art. Trying to catch the spur of the moment. It might be the environment, the time, or just the fact that by reaching magic 35 i realized how life flies.

Avoiding the sterility of 'old methods', I like to unite different artistic technics and media. Photos, drawings, oil spreading or graffiti spraying, at the end it all turns out the same. We all want to leave something behind us, some kind of memento, that we were here. That we inhabited this place, if only just for a moment.

So this time u're invited to check out my newest collages, created from photos of me, my family, my friends, people who were present in my life, this way or another. On purpose i avoided selecting just the nice photos for the show, because we all have pretty funky moments when the eye of the camera catches us. So we sometimes look funny, ridicoulous, sad, serious... Yeah, I chose the media of photography because it is within the realms of possibility to grab a certain moment of time from the great Chronos, and let us enjoy it ever after. On the basis of these photos (taken by other people, selected randomly by me) I built a small memento to my previous life.

So: welcome future, goodbye past! Hope u'll enjoy the show, or at least find it remotely interesting. Welcome to my world ?


Accompanying text for the exhibition The Birthday Party, written by Irena Kazazic