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Pallazzo Cappello Venexia Ex Convento dei Servi di Maria, Sant' Elena, Venice, 2005

Starting from the given themes and previous artistic researches, this time my painting merges in duality, and at the same time explores the ambivalence of water - water as an autonomous, pure, intelligent system incorporated in the integrity of a universal sojourn. Water is a purifying, refreshing, decanting, transitioning permanency in the time and space continuum. Sometimes it is an imperceptible component of an individual's everyday routine. You open the tap, brush your teeth, make coffee, wipe your sweaty, greasy palms into a towel teeming with hot moisture. And even before you finish your work, you have already forgotten about the nearly automatic interaction with it.
Until we are brutally awakened from the dizziness of self-absorption, until the watery cycle literally invades our living room, until we are immersed in the wave which displaces us from a familiar comfortable position and thrusts us into the void of fear, and ultimately into the posture of fight or flight.

A woman's foot is the main object of the painting - a symbol of a woman in her most pure form. The step leaves the formatted foot, which clings to its evening shoe in its transition. In a frozen moment in time, there is a realization that despite the illusion of situational control, it can't go anywhere but back through its cycles to its point of origin... back to its genesis, where its predestination can be implemented. Predestined for never-ending return. Come acqua... , si ritorna...

Accompanying text for the group exhibition Come l'acqua, written by Irena Kazazic